WAKO PRO Brief history

WAKO PRO was officially founded by WAKO – World Association of Kickboxing Organizations’ Honorary President, Mr. Ennio Falsoni, in 1991 during a WAKO’s Board meeting held in Spain in occasion of WAKO European Championships. The organization was created with the precise purpose of giving the opportunity to the best kickboxing fighters to pursuit a professional career, after their career as amateur fighters in WAKO. The idea was to place the best fighters and to generate more activity, exposure and credibility to WAKO itself.

WAKO PRO activity started slowly in Europe and USA in the '90s. The first criteria used in building WAKO PRO's rankings was to consider the official results in WAKO World and European Championships only.

Subsequently, WAKO PRO started creating international rankings inserting the absolute best 4 fighters in the World and European Championships in each weight class and WAKO PRO soon became the "professional window" for all kickboxing styles.

Following the incorporation by WAKO of the International Amateur Kickboxing Sports Association (IAKSA), occurred on September 26, 2006, in Zadar (Croatia) during an extraordinary general assembly held at the World Cadet and Junior Championships, WAKO PRO was officially separated from WAKO.

From that date on, WAKO PRO is an independent entity from WAKO from both a legal and an administrative point of view, but it still plays an important role by supporting WAKO’s best athletes in the development of their career in kickboxing. However WAKO PRO and WAKO have signed a memorandum of understanding and agreement in regard to the development of the circuit and access to the very best amateur Kickboxers around the world acting as a complimentary vehicle for the development and continuation of a professional career in Kickboxing.

In the meantime, WAKO PRO has created solid and high level standard technical rules to guarantee both promoters and fighters the respect of their rights and interests in the competitions in a sustainable way, putting the interest of the athlete at the heart of everything we do.


Since 2008, WAKO PRO has been run by International Sports & Entertainment S.r.l. ("IS&E"), an Italian limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of Italy.

On October 2021, in Jesolo Lido (VE), IS&E entered into a partnership agreement with the company KWP - Fights Sports Events Ltd. for the purpose of the development, marketing and promotion of WAKO PRO’s activity. As a consequence of such partnership, a new WAKO PRO’s management team has been reconstructed and defined which will bring a lot of value and innovation to WAKO PRO.

WAKO PRO celebrates its new era and reinforces its role and responsibility as a reference entity for the organization, sanctioning, promotion and development of the “promotional” and “professional” kickboxing events and championships around the world.

The current team of directors of WAKO PRO is composed by:

Mrs. Barbara Falsoni – WAKO PRO General Director

Mr. Carlos Ramjanali – WAKO PRO CFO / Business Development and External Relations Director EMEA – Europe Continental Director

Mr. Paulo Zorello – WAKO PRO Business Development and External Relations Director – Panamerica Continental Director

Mrs. Francesca Falsoni – WAKO PRO General Counsel

Mr. Ahmed Zalegh – Africa Continental Director

Mr. Tareq Mohamed Al Mehairi – Asia/Oceania Continental Director

WAKO PRO Mission and Values


WAKO PRO’s mission is to support the best athletes of kickboxing in the world to develop their career by granting them the possibility of participating in high level championships and competitions in the world and increase the international activities. By supporting and collaborating with, the best promoters in the world showcasing the dynamic and modern combat sport of Kickboxing and all its disciplines in a sustainable way.

At the same time, the mission of WAKO PRO is to develop the sport of kickboxing around the world by improving and innovating the WAKO PRO’s activities, championships and events.

WAKO PRO has an experience gained in the organization of WAKO PRO kickboxing championships and events for more than 40 years.

WAKO PRO also ensures the high standards and quality of its events and competitions, as well as the application of its WAKO PRO General and Technical Rules and policies.

WAKO PRO guarantees a safe environment for the athletes participating in its events and championships as well as fair decisions in its title bouts, through comprehensive technical, health and safety rules, aligned with international best practice.


WAKO PRO’s values are loyalty, fairness, transparency, and integrity, as the highest moral principles in its activity, which is carried out in the best interests of kickboxing and its champions.

WAKO PRO is strongly against drugs and promotes fair play in sport.

WAKO PRO is against discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, gender and religion.

WAKO PRO acts in the interests of kickboxer, guaranteeing them due payment, equal treatment and respect of their rights.

WAKO PRO also promotes the values of innovation in its kickboxing activities for the development, integration and delivery of a long-term career in the sport of Kickboxing.

World class team


WAKO PRO General Director


WAKO PRO CFO / Business Development and External


WAKO PRO General Counsel

Continental Representatives


Asia/Oceania Continental Director


Africa Continental Director


Europe Continental Director

Paulo Zorello

Panamerica Continental Director / WAKO PRO Business Development and External Relations Director

Technical Committee

Aurelien Duarte


Daimi Akin


Jose Eguzkiza


Massimo Liberati


Rául Lemos


Ranking Committe

Ahmed Zalegh


Lucio Pedana


Olegário Valdes


Stefano Baldi


Advising Committee

Donato Milano


Fernando Granandos


Jesus Eguia


João Diogo


Nadir Allouache


Salim Kayici