Hilário STILL the Champion



Wako-Pro Portugal 🇵🇹Casino Estoril - Lisbon-Portugal, the rematch for European Title fight, Flyweight 54.5kg, 5x3, K1.
Excellent show, sold out, many public figures present, businesses men’s and investors. A perfect night for WAKO PRO kickboxing!. This weekend in Lisbon, the main presidents of the European federations (Donato Milano-italia, Nadir ALLOUACHE-France, Jesus Eguia-Spain, Salim KAYICI-Turkey and Paul Hennessy-UK) came together to debate the immediate future of the European confederation, in addition to attending the gala WAKOPRO at Casino Estoril.
The main fight for the title of European Flyweight Championship, RICARDO HILÁRIO (KOteam🇵🇹) successfully defended his title, winning on points, unanimously (50-47, 49-47 and 48-48, better in the last round R .Hilario), against ALBERT CAMPO (Barcelona-Spain🇪🇸). Very close fight and both proved to be the two best European fighters today.
Promotor: K.O.Team Association - João Diogo
Supervisor: Javier Alberca 🇪🇸
Referee: Fernando Simões🇵🇹
Judge’s: Ana Sordo🇪🇸, Paula Simoes 🇵🇹 and Javier Alberca 🇪🇸.

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