Supermami defeated Supergirl



Cristina Morales triumphs in the great gala of the One Championship.

Last Saturday in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, in the most prestigious wrestling stadium in the world, Lumpinee Stadium, where only a year ago that women's wrestling is allowed, Spain had an appointment too important and our champion could not fail.

The five times world champion Cristina Morales was facing one of the biggest challenges of her career in this modality. The Spanish resident of Seville and member of Team Jesús Cabello was fighting against the Thai Anna Jaroonsak, better known as "Supergirl". Supergirl is an icon in Thailand being the new rising star, influencer and model of some prestigious brands, with more than 600,000 followers in her social networks.

The fight agreed in Kickboxing/K1 rules, ended in favor of the Spaniard by defeating the Thai in the first round. Cristina came out to the ring with the competitive attitude that characterizes her, taking the initiative with great decision and in a few seconds cornered her opponent with hard combinations until the referee stopped the fight, getting the victory by the fast way.

Cristina achieved something historic since we are talking about the ONE Championship Combat Sports promoter, which together with the UFC rules the professional martial arts in our planet, beating a new record winning by KO in this show. In addition ONE Championship awarded her with a Bonus Performance for the best performance of the event.

Cristina Morales, mother of two children aged 6 and 9, is the "Supermami", unlike her international rivals, who live only for the sport, and combines her sports career with the management of a gym. The same day of the fight she had to take an exam for the master's degree in Psychology that she is studying thanks to the UCAM, the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Federation, being this one of the few aids that she receives.we are talking about a real heroine, who deserves more visibility, private sponsorships and institutional involvement to promote this sport and stay in the elite of it


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