Sanchez STILL the Champion - and RUGGIERO is NEW Champion



Giorgio Petrosyan it presents PetrosyanMania - Milan
Wako-Pro Italy 🇮🇹 - ALLIANZ CLOUD (MILANO), November 25th, 2023.
World Title fight, K1, Light-Middleweight (69.1 kg), 5x3, the current world champion SERGIO “dinamita” SANCHEZ (Spain 🇪🇸) beat by RSC-referee stop contest, in 3rd (knee to head) and keep his title, against the official challenger, ARMEN PETROSYAN(Italy 🇮🇹).
The Vacant World title fight, k1, (58.2 kg), 5x3, the current European Champion, FABRIZIO RUGGIERO(Italy🇮🇹) win by unanimous point’s decision, and became the NEW world champion, against the current french Champion, WASSIM EL MESTARI (France 🇫🇷).
Promotor: PetrosyanMania
Supervisor: Massimo Liberati
Judges: Valenti Stefano, Boaretto Alessandro, Radici Giuliano, Colleoni Manuel🇮🇹.

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