Aliyev is the NEW Champion



Wako-Pro Germany 🇩🇪- Titanic Hotel, Chausseestraße, Berlin - December 9th Berlin-Germany, interim European title fight, k1, middleweight (75kg), Elkhan Aliyev(Azerbaijan🇦🇿) became the new interim European champion, wining by very close points decision (148-145)against the current Spanish champion Aixay Hernandez(Spain🇪🇸).
“Very good and great location at a ball room (Approx 1.000 spectator)”, said Peter Kruckenhauser , the WAKO PRO Germany 🇩🇪 representative.
Supervisor and referee: Dirk Schallh 🇩🇪
Judges 1: Mail Kholer 🇩🇪,
Judges 2: Marco Shulz🇩🇪
Judges 3: Aydin Fazil 🇦🇿

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