Weighing ceremony in Prague - Czechia Rep.



Super- Heavyweight (+94.1kg), interim world title fight, k1, 5x3, the Challenger and former champion TOMAS HRON (Czechia Rep.🇨🇿) VS the challenger ZOUHAIR BANADI(France🇫🇷). The current world champion BENSALEM MOHAMED, is injured and cannot fight.
Light-Welterweight (64,5kg), World title fight the current champion VACLAV SIVAK (Czechia Rep.🇨🇿) VS challenger ANASS AHMIDOUCH (Marocco🇲🇦).
Female, Flyweight (-50kg), Vacant European title, K1, 5x3, official challenger and current Czech champion, KLARA STRNADOVA(Czechia Rep.🇨🇿) .VS. INÊS “pikachu”CORREIA(Portugal🇵🇹).

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