REMY is the NEW Champion



Wako-Pro 🇫🇷, January 20, 2024, in Toulouse (France 🇫🇷) INTERIM European Championship, Light-welterweight 64.5kg K-1, REMY SMITH (France 🇫🇷) became a NEW interim champion, wining by unanimous points decision (45-50, 45-50 and 45-50) against the challenger FERNANDEZ MAGGINI (Spain 🇪🇸).
Sporthall: Gymnase Henri Matisse
Supervisor: Ahmed Zalegh
Referee: Tabi Driss 🇫🇷
Judges: Marcos Gonçalves 🇵🇹, Seka Ayub 🇫🇷 and Victoria Nogueira 🇵🇹.
Timekeeper: Paul Français 🇫🇷

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