WAKO PRO breaks records on social media In Portugal



WAKO PRO through its most outstanding athletes are breaking records of likes and shares of followers on social networks.
The most recent example is the news of the NEW world champion, ANDRÉ SANTOS, who had honors on the front pages of the main TV channels, sports newspapers and, with the following numbers on social networks, as shown in the attachments:
9.4m likes, and 723 shares on page “Desporto.pt”
6m likes and 497 shares on the Sporting Clube de Portugal page; and on our page WAKO PRO broke the record of 1.4M likes and 50 shares.
These figures show that the “WAKO PRO” brand now holds an important asset heritage to attract major sponsors in the international market.
If this vertiginous growth continues and, with the Olympic dream on the horizon L28, we will soon be a serious case study of this success

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