WAKO PRO Brasil - WGP 66 - Official Results



Cesar Almeida defeated Ivan Galaz by KO in the first round
Ignacio El Fino defeated Robson Minoto by unanimous decision
Marcos Ríos defeated Walter Candia by KO in the first round
Vitor Aquino defeated Anderson Arcanjo by TKO in the second round
Jonas Sausage defeated Junior Alpha by KO in the third round
Barbara Nepomuceno defeated Gabriela Mingorance by unanimous decision
Jones Coliseu defeated Lucas Caldas by unanimous decision
André Mascote defeated Diego Galvarro by unanimous decision
Márcio Jesus defeated Daniel Dias by knockout in the second round
Mateus Machado defeated Vinícius Scarface by split decision
Lucas Alexandrino defeated Marcelo Gabriel by unanimous decision
Vitor Lagartixa defeated Thel Henrique by unanimous decision
Zion Silva defeated Renan Maza by KO in the first round
Humberto Martins defeated Cícero de Sousa by knockout in the second round

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