FCE2 World Grand Prix of PORTUGAL winner NAFI BILALOVSKI



FCE2 tournament, super fights, technical supervision by WAKO PRO and Portuguese federation FNKDA, held in Matozinhos-Porto (Portugal), 29 Oct 2022.

Super fights Results:
BASSÓ PIRES beat by unanimous decisions ASSANE BAFETA; DARIO KADIC beat by split decision ROBERT BALTARU in very close fight; VINICUS BERETA beat by unanimous decision ERIK SARGSYAN; ALEX RODRIGUEZ win split decision LEVANIS REVAZISHVILI; ALEXIS SOSA beat by unanimous decision MIGUEL LEITÃO; CARLOS BARBOSA win by split decision JOÃO SILVA;
FCE2 WGP Tournament
first semifinal, NAFI BILLOVSKI beat by unanimous decision VITALIE MATE; second semifinal MASOUD MINAEI win by unanimous decision SERGIO SANCHEZ. Final - NAFI BILALOVSKI beat by split decision MASOUD MINAEI.
The team of referees and judges of WAKO PRO Portugal is in charge of Marcos Gonçalves, Manuel Teixeira, Victor Nogueira, Elisio da Cruz and Bruno Oliveira.

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