Point Fighting 

Friday, October 28, 2022 at 6pm our first edition was held at Point Fighting Pro, Kick Light Pro and Light Contact Pro with a different format at Teatrex del Bosque in Caracas.  @teatrexforest

 A lot of talent and a lot of level of these fighters, where they managed to obtain their 1st place ranking after their spectacular fights in the super 4 in each category.  They are:

 1. PF Fem -60 kgs Helen Riera @helenriera99 Academia Angels

 2..PF Male -89 kgs José Montaño @jose_ruso_ Academia Angels

 3. PF Men -74 kgs Argenis Palencia Team @egler3 Academia EglerGYM

 4. PF Male -69 kgs Oneil Machado @the.black.oneill DK CIKK Academy

 5. KL Fem -65 kgs Lismar Paez @jupiterplanet_ Academia Kickboxing Rossi

 6. KL Masc -57 Kgs Jhonatan González @kickboxingalvarado KBA Academy

 7. LC Male -63 kgs Kerlly Arreaza @kerllyarreaza Martial Force Academy

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 *Technical Report Commission WAKO PRO Venezuela Caracas, 30 Oct 2022:*

 Event: Promotional 1st Edition WAKO PRO Tatami.

 Place: Teatrex El Bosque Theater Caracas Venezuela.

 Modalities: Point Fighting Pro, Light Contact PRO and Kick Ligh PRO both Male and Female.


 PF Fem -60 Kgs

 PF Male -69 kgs

 PF Male -74 Kgs

 PF Male -89 Kgs

 KL Men -57 Kgs

 KL Fem -65 Kgs

 LC Male -63 Kgs

 Competition structure: super 4 in each category, that is, 4 competitors divided into 2 blocks, the first Semi-final and the second Final.

 Transmission: via you tube by Pastv.

 Referees and Judges: 6 referees under a rotation system were assigned to each match plus 2 people from the technical table.

 Scoring system: Electronic changing in 2 fights to Manual system due to connection fluctuations due to heavy rains.

 Reach: In public 220 people, via transmission 2033 views.

 Medical staff:

 Dr. Raynic Yañez

 Head of Paramedics:

 Jose Jauregui

 Next event:

 November 05, 2022

 Miranda Park Caracas

 Dario Alvarado

 WAKO PRO-Venezuela

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