VICTORIA is NEW European Champion



FIGHT for GLORY - Barcelona - Malgrat de Mar
WAKO PRO Spain 🇪🇸
For European WAKO PRO title fight, k1, 55kg, 5x3, 7pm, Nov 26,2022, VICTORIA "Adrenaline" BOYANOVA (Spain 🇪🇸) became a NEW champion, won by abandonment in the break from the third to the fourth round, due to a leg injury, IWONA NIERODA (Pol 🇵🇱). The fight was very balanced, at the time of abandonment, the Polish athlete had an advantage in terms of points.
WAKO PRO Technical supervisor:JAVIER ALBIERCA
REFEREE and JUDGES: Ana Isabel Sordo Bueno
Silvia Bratina e Michaela Kovacova

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